UI Designer / Visual Designer / Front-End Coder
• I collaborated with art director and web developers to define and implement innovative solutions for the site direction, visuals and experience
•I collaborated with the art director on the preliminary wire frames and process flow based on his offsite meetings with the clients
•We Designed the site map based of of our findings 
• We Designed and delivered preliminary mockups and final mockups 
•I based the use of color for each product category by colors that are used in their brand (which is a colorful set of waved lines)
•I created the highest quality digital assets that will work across multiple screen sizes, including over 50 unique banner images
•I collaborated with web developers by helping code the site into WordPress/Bootstrap
Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Bootstrap
Problem Statement:
Client wanted a site redesign. The previous site was non-responsive and text heavy. The client wanted the site to feature it's products and services in a clear and inviting way using their current branding. A visual drop down menu for their products for clearer identification. We added a visual key features and benefits area with icons for easier identification. They also wanted to feature their training and webinar events, and an internal portal system was also a big addition to the site. 
Art Director, production assistant and client's web development team
Live Site:
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