UI Designer / Visual Designer / Front-End Developer

•Collaborated with Art Director who was in meetings with stakeholders. He created sitemaps and  wireframes.
• The client provided the gift card image and an image previously used in their marketing. Based off of his findings and the client's images, I created layout comps, redlines and assets.
•Designs, redlines and assets were given to off-site web developer and he did the development
•Once the development was done for one site, I helped create the other sites in HTML and CSS and fixed all the responsive sizes to my design
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML Editor
Problem Statement:
Client requested a website that users can register their gift cards and check their balances. Site also had to be approved by the legal department of Visa. We needed to design a great user experience based on these parameters. This was one of three sites.
Art Director and off-site web developer
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